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Mike Roberts came to the Iowa City area from Kirksville, Missouri, in 1982. He obtained his real estate license and established Mike Roberts Construction in 1988. Since that time he has built over 1000 homes in Iowa City and surrounding areas. Mike is a member of the Home Builders Association and he has also enjoyed basketball officiating for over 35 years. Whatever your building requirements or needs are, Mike is here to help. Whether it’s your first home buy or building the ultimate dream home, Mike will help your family achieve those goals. Mike Roberts Construction truly “Builds the American Dream.”



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Revamp Your Home with These Tips

Your Tiffin, Iowa real estate has been sitting for far too long, and you’re worried if you’ll ever sell it. This concern is something that plagues many property owners and is an issue that requires a specialized approach to properly manage to avoid severe problems with your property.

Thankfully, the following steps will help to make your property easier to sell and ensure that you make your money back on a purchase. Each of these methods is something that all property owners should consider but which are particularly necessary if your property has any serious problems or concerns.

Light the Way

If your property is being put up for sale and you want to make it look better, you should add extra lighting. For example, you can add up new light posts along the edges of the property to enhance its style and make it more attractive. If there are buildings on your property, you can also add lights to them to boost the look and style of a home without taking a lot of extra steps.

Extra lighting is particularly cost-effective and is an excellent idea if you swap out old bulbs with LED ones. These bulbs will use 20-30 percent less energy than most types and will last 25-times longer than other bulbs. This benefit is significant because you can highlight it when you try to sell the home and improve your chances of selling your real estate at a price that you want.

Even better, extra lighting on the outside of your property will add additional security value at the same time. For example, the extra light will make it easier for potential buyers to see potential robbers when they live there. Just as importantly, this step can also make your property stand out more from others like it and ensure that you make a good deal when you sell.

Give the Property A Personalized Name

If you haven’t added a name to your property, this might be a good time to do so. Why would you want to name a piece of inanimate property? Just think about the last time you heard somebody refer to their home by a name. For example, you may know somebody who calls their house “Smith Estates,” after their last name. While their house is nothing special, the name gives it an aura that can’t be mistaken.

Try to brainstorm a name that will make your real estate stand out and intrigue potential buyers. For example, you could take the name of the street which it is on and pair it with a qualifying term. So if the home is on Johnston Street, you could call it something like “Johnston Street Estate” or something similar. The idea is to make your property seem like it’s more than it is in reality.

This approach is particularly beneficial if you’re working with homes in rural areas. For example, you could add a name such as “Hawthorne Acres” to a farm with many acres. This name will provide not only an element of enhanced appeal but also make the area easier to find. As a result, you may find that a more significant number of people are interested in purchasing your property.

Check Your Pavements

If your property has a parking lot that is a bit the worse for wear, you should resurface it as soon as possible to ensure that it looks great. For example, you could take the gravel from your parking lot and replace it with concrete or asphalt. You could also add a new asphalt or concrete surface to the appropriate parking lot type to ensure that your real estate looks as great as possible.

As you resurface your parking lot, you should also clean the surface and remove elements such as weeds, rocks, dirt, and even roots from the area. These elements will make your parking lot seem less attractive and may detract a buyer from a purchase. Just as importantly, you should focus heavily on enhancing the strength of the parking lot to ensure that it remains in great shape.

For example, you could paint extra lines on the lot once they wear away, add decorative elements that showcase your business or home or take other steps to improve your parking lot appearance. Remember – your customers will spend a lot of time in your parking lot when they visit you and will want one that looks great and which isn’t a significant problem to get through.

Impress Potential Buyers with A Beautiful Exterior of the Home

The curb appeal of your real estate is an indication of how attractive it looks on the exterior and is a critical consideration if you want to sell your property quickly and efficiently. Curb appeal takes on many different elements and can be hard to manage if you don’t know what you’re doing. Thankfully, most repair and renovation steps shouldn’t be too hard to understand.

For example, you may just need to fix up some elements of your property, such as the fence and driveway, to make it look appealing. Adding an extra layer of paint to the buildings can also boost its appeal, as can fixing any obvious exterior issues like broken windows, cracked windows, and more. These steps are things you should be doing anyway to enhance your house.

Also, make sure that your property matches the quality of the homes in the nearby area. For example, you want a house that at least looks as good as the houses next to it – but, preferably, it should look better. However, you don’t want to make the home too expensive for a neighborhood, or you might have a harder time finding a buyer. A right balance is necessary for this situation.

Expert Advice is Advisable

As you can see, each of these steps focus around improving the appearance of your property in a simple, but effective, way. Each of these techniques is something that you can probably do on your own but which may also require professionals to help with if you run into any complications.

So if you live in Tiffin, Iowa and you want your real estate to sell more quickly, please consider these simple tips as soon as possible. Each will ensure that your property is highly-sought and will enhance your chances of making a great deal as quickly as possible.

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