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Mike Roberts came to the Iowa City area from Kirksville, Missouri, in 1982. He obtained his real estate license and established Mike Roberts Construction in 1988. Since that time he has built over 1000 homes in Iowa City and surrounding areas. Mike is a member of the Home Builders Association and he has also enjoyed basketball officiating for over 35 years. Whatever your building requirements or needs are, Mike is here to help. Whether it’s your first home buy or building the ultimate dream home, Mike will help your family achieve those goals. Mike Roberts Construction truly “Builds the American Dream.”



Houses For Sale Tiffin

Characteristics of A New Home to Consider

You’re interested in building new houses for sale near Tiffin, Iowa but aren’t sure where you want them located. If you are particularly interested in building houses for sale to make a real estate empire, you need to pay attention to several traits that will indicate not only the value of your property but also the potential worth of the house once you’ve finished building it.

So if you’re looking to build new homes and you want them to be as attractive as possible, please consider the following elements before you start building. Each of these aspects is something that you should already be considering before you purchase a property. And each also helps to make your property – and the home – a better buy for a multitude of potential buyers.

Where Is the Best Area to Build?

When you’re looking to build new houses for sale, you need to find a property that is in a great location. This process can be a challenge because there are many elements that make up an excellent home location. For example, you need a house that has a variety of amenities and location benefits that make it worth your time. Let’s take a look at a few of these elements to help you make the right buying decision:

  1. Crime and Safety – Try to find a neighborhood that is as safe as possible before you build a home. This step ensures that you don’t run into any more issues.
  2. Lot Size and Proximity – You need to find a lot that is not only large enough for your home but which has proximity to others that won’t affect your building process too much.
  3. School District – If you have children or want to appeal to buyers who have children, make sure that you build in areas with a great school district.
  4. Proximity – These days, a large number of people want a home from which they can walk to a variety of areas. Try to position your new homes in the regions that have many nearby stores.
  5. Job Opportunities – Homes located too far from downtown or employment areas are often harder to sell, though some people may prefer this more isolated location.
  6. Utility Access – All of your property should have easy utility access to ensure that you save money. If not, you’ll need to pay to get these items installed, which can be costly.

As you can see, location is one of the most essential elements of your home and one that you shouldn’t ignore when building new houses. Whether you’re building for yourself or making money, you need to make sure that you take the time to understand these elements fully and to talk to your construction expert and real estate agent to ensure you get the best property for your needs.

Specify Your New Home’s Identity

Gauging the character of a piece of property is often a tough task, particularly if you haven’t built the houses for sale on each lot yet. Style is something that goes beyond the amenities offered by the neighborhood and into more profound ideas. For example, you need to know how it feels to sit outside on a porch in an area to get a sense of what kind of people live in the area.

Do you find a lot of people blasting music long into the night? You may want to avoid building in these areas. Just as importantly, you should make sure to check the region during various parts of the day to gauge what kind of traffic situations develop. If you find that a neighborhood has a lot of aggressive traffic, you may want to consider investing elsewhere before building any homes.

Just as importantly, you should avoid making your home too attractive or too high-quality for potential buyers. This idea might not seem like it makes sense, but a home that has maximized its potential has no room to grow. As a result, a buyer may not be interested because they may think that the house isn’t worth their time or because they are interested in adding their own design elements.

In a certain way, you want to present a house that is, essentially, a blank slate on which your
potential buyer can build. Houses for sale with this feature often sell for much higher because buyers usually want the chance to create their dream home from the canvas of your home. And, just as importantly, they want to make sure that their home retains its value when they try to sell it down the road.

Attract the Right Buyers

Lastly, any good houses for sale need curb appeal that is as high as possible. Curb appeal is how attractive your home looks on the outside and dictates your value in a variety of ways. For example, buyers may want a home that is a fixer-upper on the inside but attractive on the outside. Other buyers may reflexively buy a house that looks great on the outside without examining the interior.

Enhancing curb appeal is a simple process that is, nevertheless, also easy to mess up. For example, you may try to add new elements like a pool or a hot tub to your exterior and end up making your home worth too much money. The neighborhood in which you build your house is vital to consider because your house may cost more than others and be harder to sell.

Just as importantly, you need to make sure that your curb appeal is more general and not too specific. Too many people try to make their home quirky or unique and end up having a harder time selling it. More general homes are a good idea because buyers will feel comfortable tweaking them for their needs rather than trying to fit in with an individualistic home.

Professionals Are Here for You

As you can see, each of your homes needs to have a variety of amenities and elements that make them stand out from others. Each of these aspects is critical to understand because they can help your home stand out on the market and make your real money. Just as importantly, high-quality houses and property will help you if you decide to move into one of your own projects.

So if you’re looking to get into creating houses for sale in Tiffin, Iowa and you aren’t sure where to begin, please don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more. Our homebuilding professionals have years of experience working with people like you and will take the time to fully assess your situation and provide you with the highest-quality house possible.

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