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Design A Bathroom to Fit Your Needs and Style

The best home plans of Solon, Iowa make sure that the design of a home’s bathroom is as comfortable, relaxing, and enjoyable as possible. However, some individuals may not understand all of the aspects inherent in proper bathroom design. As a result, their plans may suffer, and they could struggle to build a home that meets their needs.

So if you’re interested in an incredible bathroom that meets the needs of your home, you need to take into account these various elements to ensure that the building process goes smoothly. Just as importantly, you need to sit down with your professional builders to learn more about how to utilize these elements and how they enhance the beauty and style of your home quickly and easily.


Home plans for a bathroom need to take into account the vanity areas where you improve your look and style. Typically, these include a countertop – where you can store a variety of vanity elements – storage spaces for items such as towels and soap, a sink where you can improve your look every day, and a mirror where you can check various elements of your beautiful design.

The elements that you add will vary depending on the style of your bathroom. For example, dual sinks are a good idea for the main bathroom if you have multiple children because people can get ready at the same time without much difficulty. However, double sinks often have a tendency to experience problems because of the higher concentration of water.

Just as importantly, you need to take into account elements like lighting around your mirrors, lights throughout the bathroom, and much more. These aspects will make your vanity more effective for your home and produce a uniform style. Make sure that all of your bathrooms utilize vanity elements like these to ensure that you get the best results for your house.

Showers and Tubs

The shower area – including a stand-up shower area or a bathtub – is an essential part of all home plans. For example, you need at least one room where a person can wash in the morning. If you move more than four people in the house, you may want to consider two shower areas. This step ensures that you get the most efficient cleaning experience possible for the money.

The type of tub that you want will vary based on your needs. For example, some may want a large luxury Jacuzzi tub, which has water jets and other elements that make it close to a spa. However, these tubs are enormous and inefficient, which makes them a poor choice for those on a limited budget. A shower-only approach may be a good choice if you don’t plan on taking baths.

For example, master bedrooms typically utilize a feature shower because they are easier to install and take up less space. As a result, you can focus more on decorations in these areas than you would with full-sized tubs. Just as importantly, you can integrate a spa shower that utilizes jets and other high-powered elements to make your shower or bathtub more relaxing and comfortable.


The toilet is often the essential design element of your bathroom because it is usually the most important appliance. As a result, you need to take the time to upgrade your toilet on your home plans to ensure that you get the look and style that you want for the style of your new home.

For example, you can decide to install an efficiency toilet to get the best results for your home, as an efficiency toilet will use less water and make your home’s water use more efficient. Often, these toilets use a dual action push-button system.

However, you should also consider essential design elements of the toilet, such as how it looks and the ways with which it integrates with your home. For example, a toilet that has a more modern style is useful if the rest of your bathroom has an upgraded fashion but may be a clash if your house is relatively traditional.

Create Your Own Style

When creating your home plans for your bathroom, you need to make sure that you utilize elements that fall outside of the headings mentioned above. These are more logical design choices and are essential to the look and style of your house and include:

  1. Wall Tiles – Each bathroom in your home needs high-quality wall coverings that will not only create a beautiful style but protect your bathroom from water damage. The type of tiles you use will vary depending on your needs but typically includes wood, vinyl, and more.
  2. Floor Tiles – A bathroom’s flooring needs to be attractive and memorable to ensure that your bathroom looks great. Try to create specific patterns and designs with your tiles to enhance your bathroom’s style and make it more attractive for years to come.
  3. Windows and Doors – Lastly, any windows and doors in your bathroom must also enhance the style of the room in a way that works for your needs. Make sure that you take the time to assess all of these elements before you make a purchase on any design elements.

Each of these elements should be designed to work together with all the other aspects of your home to make it more attractive and unforgettable. For example, you need to make sure that your floor tiles and wall tiles match to avoid creating confusion with other types of bathrooms.

Let Us Help You Make A Plan

As you can see, bathroom design is nowhere near as complex as you might think on the first inspection. However, every element of this great room needs to come together coherently to create the type of house that you want and which looks great for years to come. Just as importantly, you need professional help to ensure that you don’t make any design or building mistakes.

So if you want high-quality home plans that make your Solon, Iowa bathrooms look as great as possible, make sure to contact us today to learn more. Our professionals have years of experience working with homes like yours and will take steps to ensure that you get the high-quality design that your home needs to be as appealing and attractive as possible.

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