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Mike Roberts came to the Iowa City area from Kirksville, Missouri, in 1982. He obtained his real estate license and established Mike Roberts Construction in 1988. Since that time he has built over 1000 homes in Iowa City and surrounding areas. Mike is a member of the Home Builders Association and he has also enjoyed basketball officiating for over 35 years. Whatever your building requirements or needs are, Mike is here to help. Whether it’s your first home buy or building the ultimate dream home, Mike will help your family achieve those goals. Mike Roberts Construction truly “Builds the American Dream.”



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Is Building A Large Home Right for You?

Building custom homes in Iowa City, Iowa requires an understanding of the importance of home size. For example, you need to decide if a large home is right for your needs or if you could get by with a smaller one. The following aspects will help make this decision more comfortable for you and ensure that you don’t spend too much on your home during the building process.


When you’re considering custom homes for your needs, you need to understand the many benefits that a large house offers you. While there are drawbacks that we’ll discuss later, the following advantages make large homes an excellent choice for many individuals:

  1. Space for a Business – Those who run a business from their home may need a large amount of space. For example, you may need storage for your art supplies if you sell items on art sites. Larger houses can meet this need by having many extra rooms where you can place these items and a myriad of other benefits that make them worth your time.
  2. Extra Room for Visitors – If you have a large family who is likely to regularly visit you, a large home is an excellent choice because you will have many bedrooms where they can sleep. Even more importantly, you’ll have enough room to avoid getting in each other’s hair if they plan on staying for several days or even a few weeks in your new home.
  3. Spacious Area for Multiple ResidentsCustom homes with a large number of people – such as those with multiple families or generations in the same house – typically need to be large. Simply put, you’ll need a large number of bathrooms, bedrooms, and maybe even multiple kitchens to ensure that everybody’s needs are met appropriately.
  4. Homeschooling Children – Many parents like to homeschool their children to provide them with the education that they want. However, those with small houses may struggle to meet these goals, which is where a large house comes in handy. You can have a room correctly set up for your child’s education, including desks, play areas, computers, and other elements.
  5. Higher Value – If you are likely to sell your house in the future and want to get the most value, a larger home is often a significant investment. Large houses typically get more money because they have more storage areas and have a higher volume of space. Although some larger houses may struggle to sell if the market is weak, big homes sell quickly when the market is strong.

As you can see, large homes are a great investment for many individuals. However, there may be times when you shouldn’t consider a large house. The section below will help you better understand when you should skip large homes.


Although large custom homes are a great choice in many situations, some people may not want these houses. Unfortunately, several drawbacks make big houses harder to handle. Whether or not the following drawbacks detract you from these houses is up to your discretion:

  1. Extra Building Cost – If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on custom homes, you may want to limit their size a little bit. Simply put, large homes will always cost more than small ones to build because they’ll use more materials and have a higher demand for working hours. As a result, you may need to tweak your expectations to ensure that they are met.
  2. Difficult to Manage – People who own a large home know that they can be challenging to maintain or manage appropriately without spending a lot of mental energy. For example, you may need to hire professional cleaners to take care of its many rooms, which is another situation in which a large home will cost you more money than a small one.
  3. Excessive Waste – Large homes are often necessary if you have many children and want them to have enough room to grow. But what happens when your children move away and you’re left with a substantial home? You’re going to have many places that you never use and which cost good money to heat and power. This type of waste is familiar with many large home owners.
  4. Family Isolation – Large homes are very strange because they can make a living area seem more isolated or impersonal to many family members. For example, you may end up spending time on one side of the house and rarely see children who hang out on the other side. Though family fun nights and dinners can minimize this problem, it is something to consider before you build a large home.

As you can see, large homes do have problems that may make them less than perfect for many homeowners. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t worth your time or should be avoided – far from it. Instead, you need to make sure that you carefully balance the benefits and the drawbacks before you make this decision.

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