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Mike Roberts came to the Iowa City area from Kirksville, Missouri, in 1982. He obtained his real estate license and established Mike Roberts Construction in 1988. Since that time he has built over 1000 homes in Iowa City and surrounding areas. Mike is a member of the Home Builders Association and he has also enjoyed basketball officiating for over 35 years. Whatever your building requirements or needs are, Mike is here to help. Whether it’s your first home buy or building the ultimate dream home, Mike will help your family achieve those goals. Mike Roberts Construction truly “Builds the American Dream.”



Custom Home Designs North Liberty

Try New Technology in Your Home

You’re seriously considering utilizing custom home designs for your new North Liberty, Iowa house and you want to install the latest technological advances to ensure that your home is fresh. Thankfully, a large number of incredible devices are on the market to help you meet this dream.

These devices provide a surprising array of benefits to homeowners like you and look great at the same time. As a result, you need to understand these new mechanical beauties and the different ways that you can integrate them into your customized home design and style.

Robots Are Becoming Increasingly Common

Robots were once considered the wave of the future but have become more widespread every year. For example, many custom home designs utilize a myriad of robots devices to take care of a home. Robotic vacuum cleaners are probably the most common and well-known. These devices use three-dimensional imaging and sensors to clean your home quickly and efficiently.

However, you can also install a robotic alarm clock that does something unique – stands up and runs away from you the moment it goes off. This design might seem annoying but has a purpose – if you’re one of those people who tends to keep hitting snooze when the alarm goes off, trying to chase down your clock every morning is likely to fix that character trait right away.

Even better, you can get some robotic drink dispensers who bring you refreshments while you relax and enjoy a movie. These robots have become increasingly popular and effective and could become the wave of the future in all new homes. So jump on this latest trend and be the first of your friends to have a cool robot butler.

Would A Bediator Be Beneficial?

Keeping a home warm during the winter is often a tough job, particularly in the bedroom. However, the bediator provides a unique benefit that you can’t get with other homes. Simply put, this device is a bed that also works like a radiator and which can keep your bedroom as warm as possible in the winter.

The unique thing about this device is that you can also flip it up to spread heat through your room while you’re not asleep. And while it does provide warmth to the surface of the bed, it won’t overheat you or make you uncomfortable while you sleep. As a result, you can get the sleep comfort you deserve.

Even better, this element can be used in custom home designs in one room or even every room of your house. And with an LED display screen and mobile sync capabilities, this modern tool is one that should be a great addition to the home of anyone who can’t handle the cold.

Reduce Water Usage with Smart Faucets

Water waste is a problem that many customized home designs have been upgraded to minimize as much as possible. For example, they may utilize smart faucets to decrease how much water is used every time you turn on the sink. These tools can save up to 15,000 gallons of water every year.

How does this type of faucet work? Simply put, it regulates how much water comes out of your sink and turns off if you’ve used too much. Even more importantly, it wastes less water by concentrating a specific flow in your sink at a rate that is right for your needs.

Many of these faucets even utilize a hands-free and hygienic design that decreases your needs to touch the faucet. As a result, you’ll spend less time monkeying with the controls and wasting water. This method also minimizes water waste by giving you just what you need.

Save Money with Solar Power

Solar power is an excellent source of electricity that can minimize your electrical waste and ensure that you get the energy that you need at all times. For example, you can install simple solar-powered exterior lights that charge up during the day and then turn on at night using only this power.

Just as importantly, you can add solar panels to your home and a solar battery to charge up when the sun is out. You can then switch your power use during the night to your solar array. As a result, you’ll draw less from your primary power grid and have a better power system at the same time.

And if you install high-quality efficiency bulbs, you can improve the quality of your lighting even more by decreasing the amount of electricity that you use every day. This part of custom home designs has become increasingly popular and is likely to become even more so as energy rates continue to rise.

Experts Can Help Make Recommendations

As you can see, the world of home technology has advanced almost precariously and become a unique part of customized home design. While you might not want – or can’t afford – all of these items, you can choose those that interest you the most and use them in your new home design.

So if you want custom home designs in North Liberty, Iowa that utilize these unique design elements, please contact us today to learn more. Though we didn’t design any of these ideas, we are more than capable of integrating them in your home without much of a fuss. We also know how to provide you with other benefits, such as improved home design and styles.

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