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Mike Roberts came to the Iowa City area from Kirksville, Missouri, in 1982. He obtained his real estate license and established Mike Roberts Construction in 1988. Since that time he has built over 1000 homes in Iowa City and surrounding areas. Mike is a member of the Home Builders Association and he has also enjoyed basketball officiating for over 35 years. Whatever your building requirements or needs are, Mike is here to help. Whether it’s your first home buy or building the ultimate dream home, Mike will help your family achieve those goals. Mike Roberts Construction truly “Builds the American Dream.”



Buying A House North Liberty

Buying A House to Sell

Buying a house to sell in North Liberty, Iowa requires fully understanding various elements of home design and the building process. Adding a new house to a lot that previously had none can be a surprisingly tricky process, one that has a lot of potential pitfalls that you may fall into if you don’t take the time to work with a professional who fully understands this process.

So if you’re interested in this element of home design and you aren’t sure where to begin, it is smart to take the time to read through this information before you start. If you try to build a home without the help of a professional – and without following these steps – you’re going to find that your house is nowhere near as high-quality as you’d hoped and that it may suffer from design flaws.

Buying the Appropriate Property

When buying a house or trying to build one to put on the real estate market, you need first to choose a property which works the best for your needs. If you already own a piece of property, you can put your home right on this land instead of buying a new plot. However, you may want to try out a new area if you find that the lot isn’t big enough for the home that you plan on building.

First of all, you need to check the zoning of the property to ensure that it is right for your home. For example, building and buying a house in commercial zones can be a problem if you invest money and find that your house is technically illegal. Just as importantly, you need to make sure that the property is properly inspected before you make any type of purchasing decision.

For example, the property should be inspected for any issues, such as pollution or contamination, that may be hard to predict without professional help. Secondly, you need to work out any of the problems with utilities, such as installing water or upgrading pipes and electrical poles, to ensure that your property is adequately prepared before you build a house on it.

You will also need to check to make sure that the property is large enough to hold the house that you want to build. Too many people make the mistake of planning a sprawling mansion only to end up limited when their property isn’t big enough. It’s hard to believe that anyone would make this mistake, but it happens all of the time to unprepared individuals.

Creating the Home that is Right for You

If you’re planning on building or buying a house on a new piece of property, you need to make sure that you make the house as unique as possible. Too few people take the time to fully assess this element of their house and don’t create a living space that meets their needs or which looks good.

As a result, you need to understand the various aspects of a custom home and how you can prepare properly for them. These aspects are designed to be as broad as possible to ensure that you get the best results. Just a few that you need to consider before you build a house include:

  1. Floor Plan – Every element of your new home needs to be properly planned, including the locations of your rooms, the traffic through your house, and much more. With this element of the process, you can ensure that your house is easy to navigate and is properly implemented.
  2. Electrical Plans – Each home needs to have detailed examinations of where electrical devices, such as wires, switches, and plugins, will be installed in a home. These blueprints need to be quite easy to read and simple in their design to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.
  3. Plumbing Elements – All of your plumbing elements must be properly planned and noted in your house’s design to ensure that it works properly. This includes adding inlet and outlet valves to your home and adjusting various locations of each item as needed.
  4. Interior Design – A good house needs a plan that utilizes a variety of interior design elements to make the home attractive. These aspects should be adjusted depending on your taste and other aspects, such as the location of the property and much more.

When building or buying a house to put on the real estate market, you need to keep all of these aspects in mind before you try to build a home. Just as importantly, you need to have the patience to adjust them as necessary to ensure that you get the best results when you’re finished.

For example, you need to tweak your floor plan to ensure that the rooms are laid out in a way that makes sense for your property. For example, if your lot is long and narrow, your home should follow suit to ensure it fits. Your rooms must also be adjusted to make sure that they look right.

Professionals Are There When You Need Them

As you can see, the process of building a new house on a clean piece of property is one that you can’t take lightly. A large number of people don’t treat this process with the respect that it deserves and end up with a house that doesn’t meet their needs. Thankfully, you can avoid this problem by taking the proper precautions and planning your home as much as possible.

If you’re interested in building or buying a house in North Liberty, Iowa and you aren’t sure where to begin, you should seriously consider talking to us to learn more. Our professionals have years of experience working with individuals like you and will provide the kind of high-quality care and attention that you need to make your home a more attractive and appealing place to live.

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